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We’ve partnered with your county to make secure, trusted, easy payments on your behalf.

Find your tax bill and get started.

*This is the official number on your parcel bill from the county where the property is registered.

Free ACH Transactions

Start budgeting your property tax payments today. Enroll now to save*.

*No fee on ACH and 1.99% on credit card transactions


We take security very seriously. We use the latest technology to make sure your transactions are secure, encrypted and safe.


We partner with local and state governments to streamline payment processing to provide the easiest possible experience for our customers.

Peace of mind

Set up automatic scheduled payments from credit card or bank account, we make sure your bill is paid right on time.

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What is Easy Smart Pay?

Easy Smart Pay is a platform to modernize and simplify the process of paying government.

We, like you, are taxpayers. We were tired of the high price of using a credit card to pay our taxes and the inflexible payment options available.

We saw a need that could be filled if we could create a simple platform and use our scale across counties to offer better rates and provide the option for customized flexible payments.

Our platform, Easy Smart Pay, was created to ease the process of paying property taxes.

Be the hero for your family.

Never lose sleep over property taxes again!

Your home is one of your biggest assets, make sure you protect it.

With Easy Smart Pay, put your property taxes on "auto-pilot" by using our simple monthly auto-pay feature.

You will always know where you stand with your property taxes. Easily keep track of your payments year to year. Even when you move from home to home, your Easy Smart Pay account stays with you.

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